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In the past few years, we witnessed a phenomenon named Infographics. People use and talk about infographics everywhere as if they are the only life saver for those who want to drive more traffic and revenue (and they are actually). However, those are the old days.

Infographics have become an out-dated method of data visualization.

We now have more visually appealing, effective, story-telling agents.

Interactive Infographics

  • As responsive design and HTML5 become popular, the door for interactivity is opened for infographics. Interactive infographics bring new experience to readers via fun, engaging and interactive look.
  • Interactive infographics increase more traffic to your website than static infographics as people have to visit your website to see the infographic.
  • Interactive infographics may not attract more social engagement compared to static ones as viewers have to leave the social platforms to access the webgraphic.

Animated Infographics

Animated infographics when done right can represent complex topics and tell great stories to your readers. They are informative, fun and sometimes touching.

Gif Infographics or Gifographics

Gifographics are not only interesting but they actually move and make it easier for human to absorb any complex topic.

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