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The user interface plays one of the most important roles in determining how successfully you can attract and retain the users by making the UI easy to use, efficient and enjoyable. With decision making being increasingly influenced by the online medium, it’s scope is extended to mobile internet. So, it is required to enhance the user experience by developing user friendly interfaces for apps.

We all are well aware of what all features will be available on the mobile version of a product at hand.  But we are usually not sure about how to arrange them on screen(s), or decide on what framework controls to use to optimize the full potential of a particular product feature. At the end, the most important thing that must not be lost in the process is the simplicity, elegance and the vision, which invariably determines the success or failure of the application i.e. the application rank  in the market

A good user experience is critical to any application, more so for mobile applications. A good UI will lead to better quality and user experience, eventually translating to popularity and profits. In such a scenario where the users are of utmost consideration in the design and planning of your application, a clean user friendly, simple and yet an innovative UI might just turn a whole lot of users to your application.  Doesn’t it sound appealing as to how something as simple as the aesthetics of an application can do


It has been used in applications even before it was officially introduced as a design pattern. For example, Facebook application has been providing a dashboard of its key functions before it was officially recognized as a design pattern. The Dashboard can be used in apps to highlight the key features of the application. In essence, it is an introduction to the application.  It can be used to reveal new content and capabilities to the user. The dashboard typically occupies the full screen to ensure that it stays out of the way, i.e. the user’s attention is not diverted to any other aspect of the screen/app.

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