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As a web designer, or even a developer, we’re visiting probably well over a thousand websites a month. What kind of an impact does that leave on your perception of good design, or your criteria for what’s possible?

The W3C standards page is constantly expanding, growing and flourishing; due to the fact that the community is so involved with the development of the web, which means that we’re constantly seeing new design trends being introduced to the masses.

We would like to introduce you to best web design trends that we’re going to experience in the year 2014, some of which are already making their appearance felt.

1. Flat UI

Flat is a mix of fun and smooth colors, combined with complete and total simplicity, which brings websites and web applications to life. Apple introduced flat UI design on their latest iOS 7 software update, Microsoft has been developing Metro UI for a fairly long time now.

We do believe that flat is going to just keep growing, and will manage to be among the top web design trends this year.

2. Responsiveness

You would think that something, that has been around for a couple of years now, would by now have expanded and become the norm for the majority of the web. Strictly speaking, it should be the standard – as there is no any other alternative to making websites mobile device friendly.

There is still lot of room for growth when it comes to responsive web design, and designers are surely to fill their pockets with that dough for years to come. Watch our for platforms that will offer to build a mobile website in five clicks, they’ve already arrived.

3. “Branded” Typography

Fonts have evolved in the past couple of years, and with services like Google Fonts offering hundreds of fonts to choose from at no cost, there is definitely a trend setting for designers to use more personal and brandable fonts to get their message across.

“Brandable” fonts mean only one thing, the website using them is trying to get a message across that they’re independent, and do not depend on other’s opinion to run their business, it’s a strong message at that.

4.One-Page Scrolling

Why make the users look for stuff all over the place, when all of your content can be served from within a single page? The name it goes by is long scrolling, and what it means is that all of your websites pages can be viewed by vertically scrolling up or down.

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