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Infographics is a mixture between graphics and information.But combines graphics and information in a fun, digestible way. Often you’ll find statistics that are complimented with charts, but together they tell a story.Infographics is a way of representing the information formthe graphics. It is one of the upcoming web design trend also.

Infographic Planning

When planning the creation of an infographics, try to visualize it first for yourself by determining the content you are trying to communicate and how it would best be communicated. Sketch the entire concept out on a piece of paper before you attack it on the computer. Use bright colors and different font sizes and styles to emphasize the most important information within the infographics. Utilize charts, maps and timelines which is relevant to the content. Consider the use of icons or other visual images to complement the content. Most importantly, make sure you are telling a story visually.

Use color to make your information stand out

Increase the impact of your infographics using color. Go for bright colors that jump of the screen and increase the chance of getting your information noticed.

Reasons Why Infographics Work

Most of us tend to have shorter and shorter attention spans, for which (unsurprisingly) looking at a captivating image beats out reading large amounts of text.

We are constantly exposed to information overload via our computers, tablets, and smartphones. The key is no longer to get the information out there, but to get attention for it.

Human beings are highly visual and can absorb visual information faster and more easily than other kinds of information.

Most people forget a large amount of what they’ve read, but they do remember what they’ve seen.

Infographics are more fun and engaging than plain text.

Infographics done right do not only make it easier to understand complex information, but boost both the creator’s profile and website traffic.

Infographics allow the creator to showcase his or her knowledge about a certain topic.

A good infographic can spread quickly on the Internet, giving other bloggers and writers something to talk about, and the creator backlinks and exposure.

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