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For any logoto be memorable and have the desired recall value, it is imperative that it be reproduced across several media of communication in a consistent manner. The most important elements to be consistently used is the logo, it’scolour and the typography. This ensures that the audience experiences the logo in the same manner across all media.These guidelineshave been developed to significantly improve and standardise the visual presentation and application of the logo of right to information.

It is for the use of personnel responsible for communication or graphic designers or professional printers, who may use the logo. The content is specific and technical. Some standard guidelines and practices for the use of logo are


To ensure that our signature versions are clearly visible in all applications, surround them with sufficient clear space —free of type, graphics, and other elements that might cause visual clutter—to maximize the recognition and impact of our identity.To ensure the integrity and legibility of the logo lock-ups, the area directly surrounding them should be protected. When the logotype or full name is used, a clear space of 50% the symbol’s height should be
maintained.In special circumstances when a 50% clear zone isn’t available or possible, use the second option of 25% clear space


Any organisation ,big or small, or an event, a campaign or a programme in the public domain, needs to have its own distinct visual identity in the communication era. A visual or an image which can transcend all borders of the written and read text across different languages – a visual which is distinct and represents the organisation’s objectives, purpose or philosophy and activities. This visual identity is the one with which people associate the

On one hand, there is the tangible, physical, recordable appearance of the organisation, represented by the visual – shape & form, colour, typography and a general relationship of elements unique to the design of its visual identity.

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